Are you having problems with your electrical outlets? Do you need a fuse box replaced, or are all of the lights in your living rooms shot? Perhaps you would like your entire property rewired or are considering a more cost and energy efficient, environmentally sustainable solution for your hot water needs (i.e., solar hot water system). Regardless of your needs Kelly Young Electric Inc. has got you covered. We are a full service Garland electrician firm that provides high quality, efficient, and affordable services for both the residential and commercial sectors. We are committed to becoming your number one choice for electrical work in Garland , and we strive to do so by providing dedicated customer care support and unrivalled workmanship.

Kelly Young Electric Inc. has a dedicated customer care line open to answer any needs or concerns you may have. In fact, we provide a free, no obligation consultation with each and every one of our prospective clients to thoroughly assess their unique needs. Moreover, all of our Garland electrician contractors are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. They are also required to enrol in continuing education courses on a bi-annual basis, and regularly attend seminars, conferences, and workshops on new development in the fields of mechanical and industrial engineering to stay ahead of the game and provide the most innovative and expert service possible.

In addition, all of the Garland electrician parts and labor that we provide come with a multi-year warranty for complete peace of mind. We also ensure that we value engineer all of our services. That is, we only buy the best materials to perform our services but we also keep costs affordable by buying in bulk. By installing our grade-A, maintenance free materials your appliances and fixtures will last for decades-increasing the value of your property, but also saving you thousands in the long run. Chances are, your first call with us will also be your last, as we build and install our Garland electrician products to last for decades.

As a full service company we handle repairs, preventive maintenance, installations, custom orders, financing, troubleshooting, consultations, zoning (real estate & municipal mandates and by-laws) violations and code, planning, and more. Please get in contact with us today and discover the Kelly Young Electric Inc. difference for yourself.